The charm of crystal glass mosaic
The charm of crystal glass mosaic

The reason why crystal glass mosaic is loved by people of different skin colors in so many countries, and can quickly become popular in the decoration industry, is popular in cities all over the world, that is because it has its own unique charm.

The crystal glass mosaic is not the kind of ceramic mosaic that is easy to fall off, is not wear-resistant, and the color is monotonous many years ago, nor is it the radioactive marble mosaic, nor the ordinary glass mosaic that can only be limited to exterior wall decoration.


It can capture the viewer's visual focus with its never-changing bright colors and crystal-like exquisiteness, and become the outstanding prince in decoration.

For example, the toilets in many hotel guest rooms were decorated with tiles or ceramic mosaics in the past, which often left yellowish traces after a year, giving people a sense of old and unhygienic. What people pay more attention to when staying in hotels is The cleanliness of the bathroom has affected the business and the star rating of hotels. Since many hotel bathrooms have been decorated with crystal glass mosaics, they will never turn yellow due to its zero water absorption. Easy to clean with water, it can be cleaned as new. This is the charm of the gorgeous and elegant crystal glass mosaic.

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