Selection principle of decoration materials and choice of home improvement materials
Selection principle of decoration materials and choice of home improvement materials

Selection principle of decorative materials

The development trend of decorative materials is tending to be pollution-free, environmentally friendly and composite materials, as well as finished products and semi-finished products. The principle of choosing decorative materials needs to be considered in many aspects, among which the following cannot be ignored:
1. It should meet the requirements of indoor environmental protection. The decorative materials inside the slaughterhouse should be used indoors, so the radioactivity and volatility of the materials should be paid special attention to avoid harm to the human body.
2. Should meet the requirements of decorative functions.
3. Should conform to the overall design ideas.
4. Should meet economic conditions.
Selection of home improvement materials

Floor materials:
1. Flooring: Solid wood flooring accounts for 70%. The main players are ash, teak, oak, maple, etc., as well as composite flooring of various specifications and types.
Carpet: wool accounts for 70%, acrylic fiber 1/4, the rest is cotton and silk carpet; in addition, there are marble, granite, floor tiles, PVC floor glue and so on.
2. Wall materials: paint (more than 80% of medium and high grades), wallpaper, board surface.
3. Timber: Fraxinus mandshurica, beech, Liuan and teak account for more than 70%, and the rest are oak, pine and white pine.
4. Sanitary ware: Joint venture products of around RMB 3,000 account for 80%, and high and low grades each account for 10%.
5. Kitchen table material: marble accounts for 70%, ceramic tiles and stainless steel materials are about 15% each.
6. Door and window materials: aluminum alloy materials account for 50%, and wood and plastic steel materials account for 25% each.
7. Kitchen set broadcasting: half of the purchase of ready-made combined cabinets and cooking tables and homemade ones.

8. Decorative line: wood lines account for more than 70%, the rest of the gypsum strips and plastic strips.
9. Shuizui: Note 5: Style and practicality account for 30% each, and brands and price points account for 20% each.

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