Mosaic should be paved like this
Mosaic should be paved like this

In daily life, mosaic tiles are no strange to everyone. Mosaic tiles are used as bathroom wall tiles or floor tiles in many home renovations, and even mosaic puzzle walls are not uncommon. In-home

Season of mosaic tile paving

There is no specific time limit for paving mosaics. But it is best to avoid construction in midsummer and winter. In the summer, the weather is too hot, which will make the glue acidic, which is not conducive to the mosaic firmly adhered to the wall. Too cold in winter also affects the adhesion of the glue. The effect of paving mosaics in May and June is the best.

What color mosaic is suitable for small areas?

In this case, you can choose neutral colors, such as yellow, green, or beige, which do not have much visual impact. And colors such as black or dark blue will make the small space appear too depressed. You can also choose a few light colors to match each other, highlighting the personality while also playing a certain expansion space. It is recommended to choose a mosaic on a bright surface, one is to facilitate cleaning, and in addition, the light reflection will increase the sense of space.

decoration design, designers often use mosaics to achieve a certain decorative effect, so in actual life, it is widely used, but mosaic tiles are not simply laid, and there are some precautions that construction workers and Users must master.

Precautions for mosaic tiles

Generally, cement can be used for paving tiles, but it is recommended to use a jointing agent for paving mosaics. Because the density of the mosaic is relatively high and the water absorption rate is low if the wall is uneven and the bonding effect is not good, there is no good jointing agent, and the firmness of the mosaic cannot be guaranteed after paving. In addition, pavement mosaics must be professionally constructed, and cannot be arbitrarily paved, because it requires relatively high craftsmanship, and requires certain skills for flatness and seam grasping.

Precautions for daily cleaning of mosaic tiles

Wipe with clean water and absorbent cotton to clean it. Because the surface of the mosaic is relatively flat, it is not easy to hide dirt and dirt, so it is also very convenient when cleaning. In addition, you can also use a neutral brightener to wipe, which helps to keep the mosaic surface shiny.

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