Mosaic maintenance and cleaning
Mosaic maintenance and cleaning

With the development of the needs of the decoration industry in recent years, the variety of new decorative materials is dazzling. Mosaic is widely used in interior decoration materials as works of art in engineering and home decoration. Initially, consumers only limited the use of toilets. With mature development, its effect is increasingly recognized. The designer extends its scope of application to any space inside and outside and any peculiar shapes. The colorful mosaic not only adds a lot of color to space or sculpture but also reflects fashion and individuality. However, in order to ensure the beauty of the mosaic and long service life, cleaning and maintenance are essential. Let me share with you the mosaics below. Daily cleaning and maintenance methods.

1. Cleaning after mosaic tile laying
1. Clean it after finishing
When the adhesive layer and the joint mortar are finally set, the mosaic surface can be cleaned. For cleaning, you need to prepare two buckets, one for the detergent and one for the clean water. First, soak the cloth in the bucket with the detergent, without wringing, and then wipe the mosaic surface in a circular way; then in the second Soak a sponge in a clean bucket, and then use the sponge to wipe the mosaic surface to remove all residues. Finally, wipe the surface with a sponge again until it is clean.
2. Check the details after finishing
After all the walls are laid, the bonding layer is finally set, and the joint is finished, do another check, and the floating sand left in the joint can be gently taken out with a clean and damp soft brush. Use 1:1 cement mortar to make the joints smooth, then wipe them clean with a cloth. After the adhesive layer and the joint mortar are finally set, they are cleaned.
3. Do a good job of ventilation after paving
After the mosaic is finished, pay attention to the protection of the finished product and allow proper air-drying. The editor reminds us that sun exposure should be avoided on the newly finished surface layer, and the indoor should be properly ventilated until 24 hours after the completion of the work. Generally, the post-maintenance of the mosaic tile should be no less than 7 days

Second, the daily cleaning and maintenance of a mosaic
1. Mosaic daily cleaning
(1) Wipe with clean water cotton cloth
You can use clean water and an absorbent cotton cloth to wipe clean. Because the surface of the mosaic is relatively flat, it is not easy to hide dirt and dirt, so it is also very convenient when cleaning. In addition, you can also use a neutral brightener to wipe, which helps to keep the mosaic surface shiny.
(2) Scrubbing with detergent
If it is a floor, and there is no drainage system on the ground, take a vacuum cleaner first, and then add water with detergent, wipe it with a rag that is wrung out, basically, it is almost the same.
2. Daily maintenance of a mosaic
The daily maintenance of the mosaic wall and ground needs to pay attention to several points. One is to prevent the impact of heavy objects; the other is that if the mosaic falls off or is missing, it needs to be patched with the same variety of mosaic; the third is to pay attention to daily cleaning in time, usually clear Clean, just clean regularly.

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