How to install mosaic tiles, teach you a simple method
How to install mosaic tiles, teach you a simple method

1. Brush glue
Generally, cement can be used for paving tiles, but professional tile adhesive is recommended for paving mosaics. Because the density of the mosaic is relatively high, the water absorption rate is low, the adhesion effect of cement is not as good as that of tile adhesive, and the firmness of the mosaic wall cannot be guaranteed after paving with cement, so it is best to use tile adhesive for mosaic tiles. Glue brushing is the key to laying a good mosaic. Prepare a strong tile glue mixed in proportion. Use a plastering knife to apply the tile glue evenly on the wall. Pay attention not to apply too much. The corner nodes can be adjusted appropriately. the amount. First apply the glue to the wall, then use a smooth plastering knife to apply the glue evenly. Generally, the thickness of the glue is about 20mm. Note that the well-mixed mosaic adhesive glue should be used within 2-3 hours according to weather conditions.

2. Paste mosaic tiles
After brushing the glue, align the mosaic according to the drawing and lay the gap, use a trowel or putty shovel to fit the mosaic tightly, or use a flat thick wooden board on the mosaic surface, and hit it evenly with a rubber hammer. Make sure to stick firmly. Since each small mosaic is fixed by a net, after pasting the wall, glue penetrates into each small grid to achieve a fixed effect. Note that the grid on the back of the mosaic should be carefully checked before the wall is intact, and there is no damage. If there is a problem, it cannot be used to avoid the combination of ceramic tile and the grid.

3. Check the paving situation
After paving a certain range of mosaics, you must check the paving situation to avoid troubles after too many paving and then rework. It should be found in time to deal with the problem, do not be bored and do your work. First of all, the gap between the bricks must be determined to be a uniform width. In this way, it is necessary to adjust the gray seam with a small gray shovel. This is the process that requires the most patience in the mosaic process, and it is also the work of paving. The process is the most important link. In addition, check and fill the missing mosaics, and fill in the small mosaics that are dropped.

4. Hook and beautiful seam
After the inspection is completed, after the moisture is properly dried and has the initial strength, it is necessary to start the jointing, prepare the required sealant, and use the plastering knife to pour the jointing agent into the gap between the mosaics. 2 square meters. The joint filler is evenly applied to the mosaic surface to ensure that all gray joints can be completely filled and there is no excess residue. Please pay attention to the seam jointing, and use a damp cloth to gently dry the caulking agent on the mosaic surface within 20-25 minutes after caulking. After the jointing is completed, a comprehensive ceramic tile surface cleaning is performed again to remove small stains or residual jointing agent.

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